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Below you will find a brief description of each procedure and when we recommend is the best time to do so.

Tree Trimming
Each tree is uniquely different from the next. In general you want your tree to be able to allow for the maximum use of sunlight that is available to it. A typical trim will consist of removing any branches that are not exposed to sunlight, branches that cross and rub against each other, and branches that do not conform to the general shape of your particular type of tree. May times branches that are close to power lines or phone lines and branches that rub against roof tops are removed as well so that damage to property or possible injury to others does not occur. Tree trimming is often a preventative measure to more costly problems down the road, both for your tree and for your property.

Plant Health Care
Like people, trees need the proper conditions to grow and flurish to reach their highest potential. Dorshak Tree can help protect your trees and plants from things that may endanger their health like insects, disease, and poor soil quality. We have certified arborists that know how to use and apply the treatments necessary to keep your plants and trees living healthy and strong for years to come.

Hedge Trimming & Removal
Often times bushes or ferns are added to the landscapes of our homes without full awareness of just how fast or how encompassing new growth of these plants can be. But with the proper care and appropriate shaping these types of plants can be the ultimate accessory for your home.

Cabling is often done as a preventative safety measure. Trees that are damaged or that have the potential for causing damage by means of splitting or falling are often cabled to help reduce the risk of further damage. Cabling can also be used to help stablize a multi trunked tree.

Tree Removal
Tree Removal Tree removal is something that we like to recommend only if necessary. Life in the city is crowded and sometimes a tree will out grow it's space possibly causing damage and or becomming a safety hazard. It is also common for a tree to become diseased or rotten. In either case removal is required and our professionals are among the best in close quarter tree removal.

Storm DamageStorm Damage
Did a tree fall on your house? Car? Garage? There is little that we can do to stop the forces of nature from happening. What we can do is prepare for whatever get's thrown at us by keeping up on proper tree care and maintence. But even when what nature has is too much we are the experts you want to call to take care of your emergency storm damage. We are experienced and qualified to handle even the most difficult situations.

Storm Damage

Land Clearing
New Construction or landscaping, we have the man power and machinery it takes to get even your biggest land clearing request complete. Large scale acreage operations to smaller lot clearings we have covered them all. Call (414)536-8733 or (262)783-8733 for rates and availability.

Insurance Appraisals
If you need a quote on a job or an estimate for a particular operation we have representatives out daily to write up proposals for you. You do not need to be home and estimates are free.

Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding is typically the last procedure in any removal operation. After a tree or bush is removed you of course have the stump to deal with. We have special grinding machines made specifically for the purpose of grinding bush and tree stumps. It is done quickly and professionally to prepare your new found

Snow Removal
As anyone who has lived in Wisconsin knows, a typical mid-western winter can be pretty harsh. Cold temperatures, below zero wind chill and of course inches and sometimes even feet of snow. That is why we also offer expert snow plow and removal services whenever mother nature hits. For rates and availability on winter services please call (414)536-8733 or (262)783-8733.


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