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Locust Tree
The Locust Tree or false acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia) is commonly found in East and Midwest.
Locust TreeLocust Tree Leaf
The Locust Tree can typically grow to about 100 feet. Large open crown, rough and with deep ridges all broadening at the top is the average characteristic of this type of tree. Alternate pinnate leaves 15-20cm (4-8in) long, with 11 to 19 oval entire leaflets each with a minute spine on its rounded end, and short paired spines at each bud, making the twigs very prickly. The scented white flowers grow in racemes, 10-20cm (4-8in) long, and fairly narrow seed pods, 5-10cm(2-4in) long, ripen to dark brown with black seeds. Unfortunately the branches split away from the trunk rather easily in gales or snowstorms, often spoiling the shape of the tree.
The golden-brown timber has yellow sapwood, is very tough and strong and particularly durable in the soil and so valued for gate posts and fencing. It was also used for 'tree-nails' in ship building.

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