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Weeping Willow Tree
The Weeping Willow (Salix babyfonica) is a very common tree in the in the upper midwestern part of the United States.
Weeping Willow TreeWeeping Willow Leaf
This genus with over 300 species has the widest geographical distribution of any tree-right across the northern hemisphere and down into South America and South Africa. The buds of all willows are enclosed in a single rounded scale and with rare exceptions, every tree is either wholly male or wholly female.
There is great confusion about weeping willows and as usual hybrids have made the problem worse. The original weeping willow is Salix babylonica, a native of China and probably not the tree referred to in the Bible; it is used much less often than the larger, more vigorous hybrid, with much yellower twigs, called Salix vitellina var. pendula (syns. 'Tristis' and 'Chrysocoma'), a cross between S. vitellina and S. babylonica. All the weeping willows are distinguished by cascades of beautiful pendulous slender shoots, often hanging to touch the water beneath.

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