free woodchips

Dorshak Tree service is offering free woodchips to anyone interested. No hidden costs, no catch. Woodchips can be used for many different things including landscaping around your home, flower gardens, areas you would like to keep weeds to a minimum and many other uses.

The woodchips come from our daily tree removals and may contain various different species of trees. We do not distribute pine (unless requested) or diseased material. We will deliver to you a full truck load which may contain from 15-20 yards of chips. We do not deliver specific amounts and what you will receive will be within these totals.


Name *
Please describe where you would like us to leave the woodchips, and any other details you would like to include. (It is best to put the chip pile on a driveway or concrete slab if available. Our trucks must be able to have access to your designated spot.)