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when TRAGEDY strikes

Did a tree fall on your house? Car? Garage? Wisconsin is known for it's rapid weather changes. That means there is potential for severe storms to bring significant storm damage. There is little that we can do to stop the forces of nature from happening. But what we can do, is prepare for whatever get's thrown at us by keeping up on proper tree care and maintenance. When what mother nature has is too much, Dorshak Family Tree Service are the experts you want to call to take care of your emergency storm damage.

We have conquered some of THE toughest storm damage situations and are fully equipt to handle even the most difficult of circumstances. Remember that fallen trees can pose some very hazardous conditions, and for your own safety it is not recommended that the typical home owner try to handle such storm damage situations on their own. We are fully insured and to receive the fastest 24 hour storm damage response please call Dorshak Family Tree Service at the number below.

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A Dorshak Family Tree Specialist will come out to your home or business for an assessment of your tree.