Reclaim your yard with stump grinding stump removal

Stump Grinding is typically the last procedure in any tree removal operation. After a tree or bush is removed, there is still the stump left to deal with. No one wants to have an unsightly obstruction in their yard which can turn into a host for fungi or attract unwanted insects and pests. We have a number of special grinding machines made specifically for the purpose of grinding tree and bush stumps.

Most stump grinding is done at a depth of 6-10" and is done quickly and professionally. The stump grinding remains are left on site and can be used as mulch or as you see fit. In most cases you are able to re-sod or plant new grass in the same spot after the grinding. If requested, we are able to grind up to 2 1/2 feet down in order for a small tree, bush, or other plants can be placed in the same spot. 

Landscaping, hauling stump grindings, adding topsoil, seed and mulch or straw blankets, are also available upon request at an additional cost.

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