MAINTAINING the health and BRILLIANCE of your trees

Tree removal is something that we like to recommend only if necessary. Life in the city is crowded and sometimes a tree will out grow it's space possibly causing damage and or becoming a safety hazard. It is also common for a tree to become diseased or rotten. In either case removal is required and our professionals are among the best in close quarter tree removal. If you need a tree removed,  have concerns about the health of a tree,  have a tree that is in failing health, or if you have an already dead tree, please don't hesitate to contact Dorshak Family Tree Service at 414-536-8733.

The Certified Arborists at Dorshak Family Tree Service are professionally trained to  recognize problem areas within each specific type of tree, and can help to manage any further issues you may have with your tree. Therefore beautifying your landscaping.

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A Dorshak Family Tree Specialist will come out to your home or business for an assessment of your tree.